Overwatch Contenders

Week 3: The Numbers so Far - Season One

With the first half of Overwatch Contenders Season One now behind us, we’re beginning to see which teams are on top, and which players are driving their team's success. Looking at the numbers in detail provides an understanding of the current meta, as well as some of the players and teams that are finding the most success within it.

Team Compositions

The most obvious statistics from this season relate to the standard team composition. Games have been dive-centric, based on compositions prioritizing damage and mobility. Primarily teams have been using a 2/2/2 composition, which has been used 80.05 percent of the total game time so far. When teams deviate from this setup, they have elected to go triple DPS, which accounts for the other 19.05 percent of the time. Triple tank compositions are nowhere to be found.

As for specific heroes, Lúcio, Winston, Tracer, D.Va, and Zenyatta are, respectively, the top five most played. The first four have all been used more than 75 percent of the time; Zenyatta falls just short of that mark in Europe, at a 72 percent rate, but is used significantly less in North America, where Ana has seen more play. Regardless of this regional difference, no other hero crosses the 50 percent mark, making these five the quintessential team composition of the first half of Contenders Season One.

Look Out, World! Tracer’s Here!

By far the most-used DPS hero this season is Tracer, who has been played 79 percent of the time. As a result, it is no surprise that both regions have a dominant team led by an incredible Tracer.

In North America, Team EnVyUs got off to an impressive 3-0 start thanks in no small part to the play of Kim ‘Effect’ Hyeon. With an hour and 14 minutes playtime on Tracer, she is Effect’s most-used hero—and he has been more efficient with her than anyone else in North America. Boasting 1.3 kills per minute and a 2.41 K/D (kills/death) ratio, his numbers are impressive—but his playstyle makes them spectacular. He gets the first kill for his team 27 percent of the time, providing EnVyUs with a man advantage they expertly utilize to win fights and secure objectives.

Effect would be the best Tracer playing in the Western hemisphere if it not for Misfits member Andreas ‘Logix’ Berghmans. Currently the most effective DPS player in either Contenders region, Logix records 1.43 kills per minute on Tracer in more than two hours of play, leading to a staggering 3.54 K/D ratio. He, too, plays aggressively, drawing first blood for his team in 20 percent of engagements. Furthermore, only three other Tracer players across both Contenders regions achieve their ultimates faster.

The Front Lines

Misfits also has demonstrated why the Winston/D.Va combination is so powerful throughout their undefeated run. Tim ‘Manneten’ Bylund has played D.Va for all but four minutes, while Johan ‘CWoosH’ Klingestedt has played Winston for the entirety of this season. Manneten’s D.Va has been particularly impressive, boasting a K/D ratio of 2.34, which is more than 0.5 higher than any other D.Va player in either region.

For CWoosH, a player predominantly known for his Genji play before entering this season, his transition to a Winston main has been nothing short of a success. Finishing 13.8 percent of his team’s kills while achieving a 1.31 K/D ratio has provided Misfits with the aggressive tank they needed to succeed in the current meta.

Statistically speaking, Contenders' most impressive Winston player thus far is Kungarna’s Luis ‘iReMiix’ Galarza. Boasting the highest kill participation of any Winston player in either region, by finishing 23.4 percent of his team’s kills, he has been an instrumental part of Kungarna’s early success. His 1.59 K/D ratio is also the highest of any Winston player in either region.

No Love For Supports

The most consistent factor throughout all of Overwatch has been Lúcio as a staple in the competitive meta; totaling 96.2 percent of the total playtime, this season is no different. Even with all of his mobility, this meta has made it difficult for Lúcios to survive—never mind the other healers, with none managing to maintain a positive K/D ratio.

Things have been particularly difficult for Cloud9 EU’s Ryan ‘CrusaDe’ van Wegen and Bazooka Puppiez’ Jacob ‘PsychoWaffle’ Oyer, who have both averaged more than eight deaths per 10 minutes on Lúcio this season thus far. Comparing that to Rogue’s Jean-Louis ‘KnOxXx’ Boyer, who only averages 4.1 deaths per ten minutes, the lowest in either region, provides a sense of both the general level of carnage that supports are facing, as well as the discrepancy between the highest and lowest tiers of play.

Healers not on Lúcio have primarily chosen Zenyatta, but have fared no better. EnVision’s Riley ‘Fahzix’ Taylor has had tremendous difficulty staying alive, despite his team’s success so far this season, also averaging more than eight deaths per 10 minutes. This highlights the dive-centric nature of this meta and how effective teams have become at eliminating healers from fights.

With only three weeks of play remaining in the regular season, both regions are clearly seeing tiers of players and teams develop. This week will be a critical one in defining which teams are still realistically in contention for a playoffs slot. The actions returns live on Friday, Sept. 8, with two European matchups beginning at 9 a.m. PDT/6 p.m. CEST on Twitch and MLG.tv (see schedule for details).